Thursday, March 24, 2011

Milena-velba Nightmare

having a child with Down Syndrome so bad?

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He is .....

"This child will be better in a Mental Institute with a family"

Kirill was born in a place away from Russia, almost bordering Europe. A region where ALL child born with Down syndrome or any disability is abandoned in hospitals to spend their first years of life in an orphanage, then to be 5 to be changed in a Mental Institute, where they will spend their lives hidden . In this same region where he lives, NOBODY down syndrome or disability has been adopted, NOT ONE.

There is a family struggling to Kirill. A family suited to be parents of this beautiful child of 4 years.

last week had the trial where the Davis family and those who were present there (two doctors, two social workers and children's services minister) were certain that the judge would say that officially gave him custody of Kirill after 5 hours, the judge said: "His application was denied " Kirill stating that "it is not socially adaptable because of their condition of down syndrome "and Kirill would be much better in a mental institution with a family
But the Davis family is not going to stay with his arms crossed! And they will go to trial again, appealed to the Supreme Court in Moscow, hoping that the judge change his mind: the doctors and social workers who were there are going to fight for them too!

If the judge not only change your mind Kirill may have a family! but other children in your region too!

This would be good to open pathways to more adoptions of children with Down syndrome, in fact, two other families in the process of adopting the same place where it is Kirill. One of which will travel next week

Where there are 98 children living with special needs! and its region are other orphanages and mental institutions with more children / adults.

Today I wish to pray ..... and if you want to know more about this family and write and show their support can go to


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